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DLL Hijacking Vulnerability affects (not only) Setup Packages downloaded from the Internet

[ posted 2016-01-21 | go to article ]

A security problem in Windows has been reported which affects any EXEs downloaded from the internet and run from the download folder. Setup packages probably are especially in danger. How the vulnerability works When you start an EXE which loads additional DLLs, Windows starts looking for these DLLs in the same directory as the EXE […]

The Future of Windows Installer (MSI) in the Light of Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform

[ posted 2015-05-03 | go to article ]

“AppX is now our deployment model. MSI isn’t going to go away, but we want you to move to AppX. We’re investing all of our efforts into making AppX the ultimate installer across the Windows ecosystem.” The above is a quote from a session that took place during Microsoft’s Build 2015 event, here’s the recording: […]

Support for Win32 and .NET Applications in the Windows Store in Windows 10

[ posted 2015-04-30 | go to article ]

Yesterday Microsoft’s developer conference Build 2015 started and among the announcements in the keynote was the “Universal Windows Platform”. This not only includes bridges to re-use existing Android and iOS code for Windows 10 and to enable apps built from web sites, but also “real” integration of Win32 and .NET applications in the Windows Store. […]

Windows Update breaks InstallShield command line build

[ posted 2015-02-23 | go to article ]

Building a setup with InstallShield’s “Stand Alone Build” command line tool may fail with error -6003. The error message looks like this: ISDEV : error -6003: An error occurred streaming ‘<path>\DiskImages\DISK1\<filename>.isc’ into setup.exe. It only seems to affect setups that are being digitally signed. The problem is caused by Windows Update KB3004394 which updates the way Windows […]



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InstallTalk - Discussing best practices and trends in software installation development (Flexera Software)

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