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InstallShield InstallScript: Miscellaneous

Note regarding InstallScript versions: The samples on this page have been developed with various versions of InstallShield. Some of them require a minimum InstallShield version or may only work in the one version they have been created for. Often it will be possible to make them compatible with other InstallShield versions.

Automatic Logon After Reboot

With this function set you can give the user running the setup the option to automate the reboot handling. If selected, setup will reboot the system at the end of the setup without displaying a dialog, and will automatically logon the user after the reboot again. Note that the password must be temporarily stored in the registry for this purpose, so this might introduce a security risk.
These functions will only work on Windows NT/2000 or above. The sample script is written for IS6, and uses InstallDialogue for some dialogs. Before you can run the sample code, you will have to install InstallDialogue (free download).

ZIP   Written by Colin Leath
File size: 5.403 bytes   Last update: 2001-04-07

Command Line Option Parsing

This package will allow you to easily accept commandline parameters passed to setup.exe, which you design. It was specifically designed to use a "--key=value" model to avoid interference with the command line switches reserved InstallShield.

prototype GetCommandLineOption(STRING, BYREF STRING);

ZIP (2.418 Bytes)   Provided by Troy Engel

Get Object and ForEach in InstallScript

This example illustrates how you can simulate VB's GetObject and For Each...Next from InstallShield script. To do this, you need some help from an external DLL. Attached is a sample script and the support DLL (including source code).

This sample is intended for IS 6 and ISD 7. It will not work with IS 5.

ZIP   Written by Mingbiao Fei
File size: 24.082 bytes   Last update: 2002-01-07

Log Results of Function Calls

This set of function enables you to easily write error and status information, such as the return values of function calls, to a log file.

Enhanced Logging Function for InstallShield 6 and above

This installation log method is different from the “Logit” script found below because it allows the user to log any string. It even logs multi-line strings. Usage instructions can be found in the comments at the beginning of the file.
The script was tested intensively with IS Professional 7 and with IS 11 Professional, and should with IS Professional 6 and later versions.

ZIP   Written by Danny Turrin
File size: 2.422 bytes   Last update: 2005-05-19

For InstallShield 5

ZIP   Written by Martin Golm
File size: 1.348 bytes   Last update: 05/14/1999

For InstallShield 6

ZIP   Written by Colin Leath
File size: 3.039 bytes   Last update: 2001-04-07

Mod Division

There is no mod division operator in IS 5 and before, so here is a simple function to compute the remainder of a division. (In Professional 6 and above the % operator can be used for mod operations.)

ZIP   Written by Ryan Lewandowski
File size: 369 bytes   Last update: 1998-08-12


This InstallShield extension uses the QuickSort algorithm to sort string lists, number lists or characters in a string.

prototype QuickSortNumList(BYREF LIST);
prototype QuickSortString(BYREF STRING, BOOL);
prototype QuickSortStrList(BYREF LIST, BOOL);

ZIP   Written by Martin Finnerty
File size: 3.955 bytes   Published: 03/11/1999

Regular Expressions in InstallScript

This .RUL file demonstrates how to implement regular expressions in installation scripts using the VBScript RegExp control. The VBScript RegExp control requires the Windows Scripting Host version 5 and above or IE5 and above.

ZIP   Written by Michael Presutti
File size: 1.241 bytes    Last update: 2002-02-14

Setup Extension DLL

Here is the source of a sample DLL written with Visual C++ to extend the InstallShield script functionality. Most problems with such dlls are cause by wrong export definitions. The secret is the DEF file where you should write your function name. The Visual C 5.0 documentation recommends many ways to used a DLL and export a function. In our case you NEED to use the solution shown in this example and not the others _declspec( dllexport ), etc. If you go in Windows Explorer, select "SetupExtensionDLL.dll", right click and select QuickView. In the Export Table section you will see:

Ordinal Entry Point Name
0000 00001005 CheckServicePack3

See also: DLL Testing Tool to test your DLL independent of a setup project.

ZIP (10.277 Bytes)    Provided by Danut Prisacaru

Wrapping InstallShield Functions

This is a collection of header files that wrap IS functions and add parameter validation and error checking. They also write all actions (success or error) to a text file. This is very useful for debugging purposes, in silent mode installations and for creating a log file for a custom uninstaller.

ZIP (8546 Bytes)   Provided by Pat McCarty




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