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Microsoft Developer Network
MSDN is a huge collection of knowledge base articles, white papers, sample code, documentation of WinAPIs, operating system specific issues etc.
Windows & .NET Magazine FAQ
This is a database full of information about Windows. Including RAS, TCP/IP, IIS, environment, security etc.
Australian Visual Developers Forum
The main focus of this web site is Borland Delphi, but several of the articles are of general interest. For example: Installing Web Sites and Installing BDE, an article that compares six setup toolkits. The authors seem to prefer WISE, so you can read interesting articles about WISE 5.0 and WISE 6, written by people who know the the features and the problems, too.


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InstallShield Newsletter

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Magazine Articles

Customizing Windows Installer
in: Windows Developer's Journal
published: March, 2001
This article examines the impact of Windows Installer on the installation process for COM components and Windows NT/2000 services, and looks at the programming hooks into the Installer.
Gain Control of Application Setup and Maintenance with the New Windows Installer
in: Microsoft Systems Journal
published: August, 1998
A Microsoft developer explains the concepts of the new installation mechanisms that will be introduced with Windows NT 5.0. He also outlines the role of setup toolkits like InstallShield in this new environment.
Only part of the article is accessible online. To read the full story you need to buy the September 1998 issue of MSJ.
The Future of Software Installations
at: Windows Central
published: June 13, 1998
The focus of this article are web enabled setups. Products discussed are Microsoft Active Setup, InstallShield InstallFromTheWeb and Wise Installation System Web Deploy.
Installation Toolkits
in: PC Magazine
published: March 10, 1998
A comparison of five packages that give developers a quicker way to produce professional-looking installation programs: InstallShield Express, InstallShield Professional, PC-Install Pro, Setup Factory, Setup Wizard and Wise Installation System (standard and EnterpriseEdition).
The Wonders and Wizards of Windows Installation Utilities
in: EMedia Professional
published: October, 1997
A discussion of InstallShield Professional5, Indigo Rose Setup Factory 4.0, Sax Software Setup Wizard, Mind Vision VISE, HPI Visual Realease with Instalit and Great Lake Wise Installation System 5.0.



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