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InstallShield InstallScript: Network

Note regarding InstallScript versions: The samples on this page have been developed with various versions of InstallShield. Some of them require a minimum InstallShield version or may only work in the one version they have been created for. Often it will be possible to make them compatible with other InstallShield versions.

Convert Path to UNC

Calling MPR.DLL from Script

This code will return the full UNC path of a drive and directory passed into it. MPR.DLL is called directly from script. This saves having to ship a custom DLL.

New version: includes code to open the AskPath Dialog, then checks if the returned path has a Backslash (and removes it), then checks if there is additional folder specified after the drive letter to separate it before running the API function, then merges back the folder with the drive letter.

ZIP  Written by Shif Arad, based on work by Alan Cronin and Robert M. Dickau
File size: 1.306 bytes   Last update: 2002-11-07

Custom DLL that additionally can Register a Type Library

This multi-purpose setup extension DLL exports three functions:

Included is the C source code, the compiled DLL (for Windows 95 and NT) and a .rul file that shows how to call the functions.

ZIP (22.697 Bytes)  Provided by Peter Moser

Dial-Up Networking and TCP/IP

Check if TCP/IP is Installed

This function checks a registry key to see if TCP/IP is installed.

prototype HasTcpip()

ZIP (485 Bytes)   Provided by Rollan Mosko

Dialup Constructor Kit

This is a commercial product sold by Gary Smith for $79

DialUp Constructor installs TCP/IP, Dialup Adapter, Dialup Networking and Modem, sets up and configures a dialup entry, and much more. I can be run with user interface or silent (registry entry reports success or failure).

WWW Visit the Dialup Constructor home page to download an evaluation version

Install Dial-Up Networking and TCP/IP

This function installs Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking together with TCP/IP. You should call this function only if DUN is not already installed. To check for DUN, see if this registry value exists:

To start a Dial-Up Networking connection using a command line, use the following syntax:

rundll rnaui.dll,RnaDial <connectoid>

where <connectoid> is the name of the connection you want to start. For example, to start a connection named "My Connection," use the following command line:   rundll rnaui.dll,RnaDial My Connection

prototype InstallDialUp();

ZIP (951 Bytes)    Provided by Alan Wong

Resolve IP Address for Given Host Name

This function allows to resolve the IP address for a given host name.

Anyone is allowed to distribute the source code as long as they do not remove the author information and comments in the code.

ZIP    Written by Linh Nguyen
File size: 1.821 bytes   Last update: 2000-05-26

Retrieve Local TCP/IP Address

This code fragment shows how to call Winsock.dll to get the TCP/IP address of the local machine.

Update: fixed a prototype glitch

ZIP    Written by Les Smith
File size: 1.205 bytes   Last update: 2001-07-09

Create Network Share / Get Computer Name

This script creates a share on a directory and sets access permissions. It also includes a function to retrieve the computer name. In order to call APIs in netapi32.dll it includes a function to convert InstallShield strings to unicode.

Note: This script currently doesn't work for Windows 9x.

ZIP   Written by Alexander Fomichev
File size: 2.252 bytes   Last update: 2000-08-08

Handle Network Shares

This script library wraps the NetShareAdd, NetShareDel, and WNetEnumResource API functions in Win9x and WinNT so you can enumerate, add and remove shares in InstallScript.

ZIP    Written by Dominick Moré
File size: 7.697 bytes   Last update: 2002-06-14

Internet Information Server Interface

Create Virtual Directories and Install Filters

This DLL enables you to install a website and a filter in Internet Information Server 4 (IIS4) from InstallShield. The DLL uses ADSI interface pointers to modify the IIS metabase. Included is the C++ source code as well as the compiled DLL.

Exported functions:

ZIP  Written by Niclas Schopenhauer and Paul Tallett
File size: 221.136 bytes   Last update: 2000-03-08

List SQL Servers

This s retrieves the names of all available SQL Servers in the current domain, and displays them in a list.

ZIP   Written by Sebastian Angermann, updated by Joe Baumgarten and Damien Carbery
File size: 1.922 bytes   Last update: 2003-01-12

Rename File on Next Reboot of Remote PC

If you need to update a file that is currently in use, the new file must be copied with a temporary name and Windows must be instructed to rename the file on the next reboot. This is handled by InstallShield automatically if the file is on the local pc. However, if the file is on a remote machine, you need to tell the operating system that is running on that machine to rename the file on the next reboot of the remote pc. Here is a function that does exactly this. It is based on the information in MSDN article Q181345.

BTW this function also works on the local pc, enabling you to delete temporary setup files on the next reboot.

prototype MoveFileDelayUntilReboot(STRING,STRING);

ZIP MoveFileDelayUntilReboot (1.076 Bytes)    Provided by Kim Vedvik

Versatile Setup Extension DLL

This DLL provides so many functions that it can't be filed under one specific topic. Here is an overview of the features:

Included is the DLL source code, compiled DLL and InstallShield header file and sample code.

InstallDialogue Some of the dialogs included in this package have been created with InstallDialogue. If you want to use them, you have to download the InstallDialogue Free Edition from Moonsea Software


ZIP   Written by Mike Brown
File size: 123.868 bytes   Last update: 08/17/1999




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