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InstallShield InstallScript: NT Services

Note regarding InstallScript versions: The samples on this page have been developed with various versions of InstallShield. Some of them require a minimum InstallShield version or may only work in the one version they have been created for. Often it will be possible to make them compatible with other InstallShield versions.

Installing and Uninstalling an NT Service

Here is the C source code for a DLL with functions to install and uninstall an NT service, and a script function that calls it. (It is also an example for a custom uninstall dll.)

ZIP (3.248 Bytes)   Provided by Phil Simpson

Installing COM Servers as NT Services with InstallShield 6

This document (in MS Word format) describes how the NT Service Object can be used in conjunction with some code to create an COM based NT Service.

ZIP    Written by Robert R Kircher, Jr.
File size: 4.551 bytes   Last update: 2000-02-08

Set Start Mode of  an NT Service

This function sets an NT service to start "Manual" or "Auto".

Update: Added option to set servioce to "disabled".

prototype SetService ( STRING, STRING );

ZIP  Written by Ed Zilavy, updated by Robert Pletscher
Originally posted: 1998-09-03   Last update: 2009-11-17   File size: 749 bytes

Starting, Stopping and Deleting NT Services

This package allows you to manage NT Services directly from InstallScript, without external DLL. It inlcudes .rul and .h files for use in your setup, a sample project that demonstrates the use of the functions, and a sample NT service (Visual C++ 6 source code included).

prototype _InitServiceConnections(STRING);
prototype _CloseServiceConnections();
prototype _IsServiceAvailable(STRING);
prototype _StartNTService(STRING);
prototype _StopNTService(STRING);
prototype _IsNTServiceStopped(STRING);
prototype _PauseNTService(STRING);
prototype _ResumeNTService(STRING);
prototype _DeleteNTService(STRING);

Tested with IS 3 - 6.

ZIP   Written by Troy Engel, based on the work of Mike Hegyi, Stephan Hagedorn, Alan F. Barksdale and Giorgio Cognigni
File size: 58.157 bytes   Last update: 2000-05-30

Stopping an NT Service

The attached code is direct port of example shown in "Stopping a Service" article in Platform SDK. It was tested under DevStudio 9 SP1, OS: Windows 2000 SP4.

ZIP   Written by Alex Blekhman
File size: 3.278 bytes   Last update: 2004-03-26

Total NT Service Support

This service.dll provides InstallShield developers with Windows NT Service Support. Almost all of the Win32 service functionality has been exported  through the DLL, providing a fairly powerful and flexible tool for IS developers. The ZIP file includes source code and compiled DLL.

Update: Instead of returning SUCCESS when undocumented or unknown errors are returned from the Win32 calls, they now return UNKNOWN

ZIP    Written by Ken Dyck
File size: 18.624 bytes   Last update: 06/23/1999

Versatile Setup Extension DLL

This DLL provides so many functions that it can't be filed under one specific topic. Here is an overview of the features:

Included is the DLL source code, compiled DLL and InstallShield header file and sample code.

InstallDialogue Some of the dialogs included in this package have been created with InstallDialogue. If you want to use them, you have to download the InstallDialogue Free Edition from Moonsea Software


ZIP   Written by Mike Brown
File size: 123.868 bytes   Last update: 08/17/1999




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