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InstallShield Tools & Tips: IDE and Dialog Editor

Note regarding InstallShield 6: Unless otherwise stated the tips and tricks on this page have been written for InstallShield 5, and not all of them will work with InstallShield 6. Some may even damage your project files, so remember to make backups first.


InstallDialogue InstallDialogue Free Edition is available from Moonsea Software. A commercial version is also available.

InstallDialogue Controls SampleInstallDialogue is a custom dialog add-on for InstallShield Professional 5.x and 6.x. You can create dialogs using a dialog editor, or modify existing dialogs using script commands alone. You can incorporate many cute features such as IP address control, hyper link control, list boxes with radio buttons instead of check boxes (figure shows some samples). The tutorial explains how to build an Ask Path type dialog with multiple Browse buttons, a license dialog with a Print button, where the Yes button is disabled until the text is scrolled down to the end, and a multi-level component dialog.

You get about 140 new script functions to handle your custom dialog, and you can process notification messages on user input to make your dialogs more intelligent. You can even borrow text from other dialogs, which helps you to reduce localization efforts.

Extensive help file integrated with InstallShield help file.

InstallDialogue also supports InstallShield 6 with its optional Windows 2000 style dialogs and is available as IS6 Object.

WWW Visit Moonsea Software to get more information and download the Free Edition or register to get the commercial version

Recover the Project Workspace

From time to time the InstallShield IDE loses its project workspace (the left hand pane with the tree view), and checking "Project Workspace" in the View menu doesn't bring it back. Before you uninstall and reinstall InstallShield, try this registry hack:

  1. Close all projects.
  2. Delete the registry entry of "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\InstallShield\InstallShield Professional\5.5\Workspace". (Modify to match your InstallShield version)
  3. Open a project, you will see ide works fine this time.

Written by Ji Yang




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