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InstallShield Pro Tools & Tips: Registry Editor

Note regarding InstallShield 6: Unless otherwise stated the tips and tricks on this page have been written for InstallShield 5, and not all of them will work with InstallShield 6. Some may even damage your project files, so remember to make backups first.

Generate a RGE File

You can use the InstallShield Application Repackager to generate a RGE file. Start IAR and either make your registry changes by hand, or import a .reg file with Windows' RegEdit. IAR will generate a project with a RGE file that reflects your entries.

As an alternative you can import a .reg file at run time. Use the ProcessRegFile function for this to log the imported entries for uninstallation.

Generate RUL File From REG File

Here is a tool (written in InstallScript) that will read a .reg file and generate a .rul file with RegDBSetKeyValueEx function calls. It handles most registry value types, including STRING_MULTI and STRING_EXPAND. However currently it doesn't handle BINARY properly.

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