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InstallShield Pro Development: String Table

Note regarding InstallShield 6: Unless otherwise stated the tips and tricks on this page have been written for InstallShield 5, and not all of them will work with InstallShield 6. Some may even damage your project files, so remember to make backups first.

Adding UK English to a Project

Natively InstallShield supports only US English, no other sublanguages. This is a tool (written with InstallShield) that will add UK English to an existing project. It requires an International edition of InstallShield. Also included is a detailed description of what the tool does.

Note that beginning with InstallShield 5.52 you can edit the language names that appear in the select language dialog box.

ZIP  Written by Alistair Young
File size: 1.062.306 bytes   Last update: 1999-12-01

Adding Unsupported Languages

Remark: The InstallShield Developer product has built in support for adding languages that are not included in the available language packs.

InstallShield Professional 6

Thsi tutorial describes how to add an unsupopported language to InstallShield Professional 6. It was written for version 6.1 and is in French language.

PDF Ajout_langue_IS.pdf  Written by Romain Gouyet
File size: 78.113 bytes   Last update: 2003-03-14

InstallShield Professional 5

InstallShield supports many languages, but not all. To add unsupported languages you have to modify .cdf and .fdf files, translate _isres.dll and _setup.dll etc. Sorin has done this for Romanian, and here are the results.

ZIP  Written by Sorin Sbarnea
File size: 168.846 bytes   Last update: 1998-08-31

String Table Checker

Neither the InstallShield compiler nor the media builder checks whether all the strings you are referencing in your script or component defintions are actually defined in the sting table. Those errors will only show up on run-time. If the string is used in an error message, it is very likely that you won't detect the problem during your tests. Here is a tools that scans all the .rul and .cdf files in your project and verifies that every sting is present in the string table.
This program itself was created with InstallShield Professional. The script is written so that it will compile and run with InstallShield Professional versions 5 through 7, although it was only tested on IS 5.5 and IS 7 (with SP1.) The code was tested on projects created with IS 5.1, IS 5.5, IS 6.3, and IS 7.0.
The package includes a .rul file for you to put in a blank InstallShield project.

ZIP    Written by Graham Pye, with additions from Elihu Rozen, Lance Smith, Johannes Fischer, Paul Cronk and Stefan Krueger
File size: 13.327 bytes   Last update: 2003-01-12

String Table Comparison Tool

This tool is used to determine which strings are in one string table file that might be missing from another string table file, e.g. make sure that nothing got lost after you receive the SHL file back from a translation service.

WWW Visit the Manaware, Inc. web site to download the free String Table Comparison Tool

String Table Copy Tool

Here is a utility that allows copying strings from one InstallShield project to another. You specify a source and target directory (where the .ipr file is located). For international projects you also have to select the languages. Then two listboxes are filled the the string identifiers that exist in the respective project. Select a string in the left list (string value is displayed) and copy to the right. You can select how duplicate items are handled. Comments are not displayed, but copied together with the string value. This tool can also be used to copy strings within one project from one language to another.

Warning: This tool has not yet been tested extensively. Be sure to backup your project before using this tool. No express waranties given - use at own risk.

The program was written with MFC (VC++), MFC libraries linked in (still needs MSVCRT.dll to run).

ZIP  Written by Friedrich Brunzema
File size: 197.108 bytes   Last update: 1998-10-30

String Table Sorter

This tool sorts an InstallShield string table (data contained in the SHL files in the String Tables folder) by either the string identifier or the string text, in either ascending or descending order. This can be very helpful if you want to merge tables manually, or if you're handing the SHL files to a translation service.

WWW Visit the Manaware, Inc. web site to download the free String Table Sorter




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