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InstallSite Newsletter 12/2003

NEWS FROM INSTALLSITE.ORG --- December 2, 2003


2003-11-22 Windows Installer Authoring Tools updated
2003-11-22 Installing the .NET Compact Framework Using MSI
2003-11-22 "Poor Man's Dialog Editor" for MSI now hosted on InstallSite
2003-11-18 Create Excel Manifest from InstallShield Project


Rabate Offer for DevStudio Extended

InstallShield today announced the extension of the Special Offer Rebate period for InstallShield DevStudio 9.
For customers purchasing the English Language Version DevStudio 9 the rebate period has been extended to 31st December 2003.
For customers purchasing the German Language Version DevStudio 9 the rebate period has been extended to 31st January 2004.
The extension of these rebate periods applies to all purchases of New User Licences, Upgrades and Subsciption Plans for InstallShield DevStudio 9.

InstallShield AdminStudio 5.5 and AMS 2.0

InstallShield Software Corporation announced the immediately availability of AdminStudio 5.5, the complete software packaging, customization, conflict resolution, and testing solution for corporate IT departments.

The company also released version 2 of InstallShield AMS™, its customizable, Web-based data and workflow management system for comprehensive enterprise application management.

Service Pack 1 for DevStudio 9

Service Pack 1 for InstallShield DevStudio 9 English has been released. It contains over 20 fixes and enhancements, addressing the top items reported by customers. This update is available to all existing DevStudio 9 English customers. It can be obtained by using the Tools | Check for Updates menu option. This service pack is not yet available for the German version of DevStudio.

InstallShield Training in Europe and Australia

InstallShield AdminStudio (4 day course. English)
Dec 9-12, 2003 in Naarden (NL)
Feb 3-6, 2004 in London (UK)
Feb 10-13, 2004 in Naarden (NL)

MSI Projects with DevStudio (4 day course. English, French, Italian)
Dec 9-12, 2003 in Bristol (UK)
Jan 20-24, 2004 in London (UK)
Jan 27-30, 2004 in Naarden (NL)
Feb 17-20, 2004 in Paris (FR)
Mar 1-4, 2004 in Sydney (AU)
Mar 9-12, 2004 in Bristol (UK)
Mar 15-18, 2004 in Melbourne (AU)
Mar 23-26, 2004 in Saronno (IT)

InstallScript Projects with DevStudio (4 day course. English, French)
Jan 27-30, 2004 in Paris (FR)
Feb 24-27, 2004 in London (UK)
Mar 9-12, 2004 in Naarden (NL)

Courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland see below. For details about these courses and booking information go to


InstallShield DevStudio 9 Rabatt-Aktion verlängert

InstallShield hat heute bekannt gegeben, dass die Mail-In Rabatt Aktion für InstallShield DevStudio 9 verlängert wird.
Für Kunden, die die englische Version von DevStudio 9 kaufen gilt der Rabatt nun für Bestellungen bis 31. Dezember 2003.
Für Kunden, die die deutsche Version von DevStudio 9 kaufen gilt der Rabatt bis 31. Januar 2004.
Die Rabatt-Verlängerung gilt für Vollversionen, Upgrades und Abonnements von InstallShield DevStudio 9.

Schulungen in Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

InstallShield AdminStudio (4 Tage)
02.-05.03.2004 in Ulm (DE)

16.-19.03.2004 in der Schweiz (CH)

MSI Projekte mit InstallShield DevStudio (4 Tage)
09.-12.12.2003 in Ulm (DE)
03.-06.02.2004 in Ulm (DE)
09.-12.03.2004 in Linz (AT)
16.-19.03.2004 in Hamburg (DE)

InstallScript mit InstallShield DevStudio (4 Tage)
10.-13.02.2004 in Ulm (DE)

Informationen zu Terminen, verfügbaren Plätzen, Gruppenrabatten, Schulungsunterlagen und Buchungsmöglichkeit finden Sie unter

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