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InstallSite Newsletter 1/2004

NEWS FROM INSTALLSITE.ORG --- January 23, 2004

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2004-01-21 Inside the MSI file format and Component Rules 101 by Rob Mensching
2004-01-20 Windows Installer Books updated
2004-01-12 ClickOnce Q&A
2004-01-12 Differences between ClickOnce and MSI
2004-01-12 ClickOnce presentations at PDC 03
2004-01-11 Introduction to the Microsoft ClickOnce Technology
2004-01-10 Programming Billboards and Progress Bars
2004-01-10 Windows Installer FAQ updated (English/German)
2004-01-06 C# Wrappers for the Windows Installer API
2003-12-20 Windows Installer Books updated
2003-12-09 Windows Installer Authoring Tools updated
2003-12-08 Legal Documents from InstallShield vs. Wise lawsuit
2003-12-08 MSI Package Validator
2003-12-08 MSI Package Cleaner
2003-12-08 MSI Chat Transcripts


Acquisitions: Wise, ActiveInstall, VMware

December has seen several company mergers that will impact the market for software and setup developers.

On Dec 3, 2003, Altiris, Inc. acquired Wise Solutions in a combined cash and stock transaction valued at approximately $43 million. The strategic acquisition is expected to enhance Altiris® IT lifecycle management offerings with the addition of Wise branded products, and provides Altiris with technology that will enhance existing client and server management offerings, specifically in software delivery and patch management. Wise already had been cooperating with Altiris, as well with several other companies (Novell, Tivoli, Microsoft, etc.) some of which are competitors to Altiris. It's unclear what effect the acquisition will have on these relationships.

Press release:

Gartner, Inc. analyses the Wise/Altiris deal:

On Dec 9, 2003, Zero G Software has acquired ActiveInstall. Zero G are the makers of the Java based setup authoring tool InstallAnywhere. Until today they didn't have a Windows Installer (MSI) based solution. ActiveInstall is a MSI authoring tool created by Michael Sanford, who is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows Installer. ActiveInstall will soon be re-released under the name InstallAnywhere .NET. This acquisition makes sense for both parties: Zero G now enters the Windows Installer market, where it tries to replace Wise as the primary competitor to InstallShield. And Michael Sanford gets the marketing power and background staff to push his ActiveInstall product.

Press release:

On Dec 16, 2003, EMC Corporation announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Palo Alto-based VMware, Inc. in a cash transaction valued at approximately $635 million. The acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions and regulatory approvals, and is expected to be completed early in the first quarter of 2004. VMware is one of the leading providers of virtual infrastructure software, that lets you run a guest operating system (Windows, Linux, etc) in a window on your host operating system. Their virtual workstation and server products compete with VirtualPC, which had been acquired by Microsoft earlier in 2003 from Connectix. EMC is a provider of information lifecycle and storage management.

Press release:

New Windows Installer book released

InstallShield® Software Corporation published "Practical Windows Installer Solutions for Building InstallShield Setup Applications", a new book that provides expert techniques for creating reliable, customized software installations.
Creating Windows Installer installations can be extremely challenging. Written by Windows Installer expert Bob Baker, "Practical Windows Installer Solutions for Building InstallShield Setup Applications" provides a real-world guide to help developers overcome many obstacles that can crop up during installation authoring and application deployment. Baker not only guides readers through the installation process using InstallShield DevStudio, but also gives in-depth explanations of upgrades and patching, custom actions, installing device drivers, handling locked-down environments, and much more.

Press release:


InstallShield Training in Europe and Australia

InstallShield AdminStudio (4 day course. English)
Feb 3-6, 2004 in London (UK)
Feb 10-13, 2004 in Naarden (NL)
Mar 16-19, 2004 in London (UK)
Apr 6-9, 2004 in Naarden (NL)

MSI Projects with DevStudio (4 day course. English, French, Italian)
Feb 17-20, 2004 in Paris (FR)
Mar 1-4, 2004 in Sydney (AU)
Mar 9-12, 2004 in Bristol (UK)
Mar 15-18, 2004 in Melbourne (AU)
Mar 23-26, 2004 in Saronno (IT)
Mar 30- Apr 2, 2004 in Naarden (NL)
Apr 20-23, 2004 in Paris (FR)
Apr 27-30, 2004 in London (UK)

InstallScript Projects with DevStudio (4 day course. English, French)
Feb 24-27, 2004 in London (UK)
Mar 9-12, 2004 in Naarden (NL)
Mar 30- Apr 2, 2004 in Paris (FR)

Courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland see below. For details about these courses and booking information go to


InstallShield DevStudio 9 Rabatt-Aktion noch bis 31. Januar

Die Mail-In Rabatt Aktion für InstallShield DevStudio 9 German gilt noch für Bestellungen bis 31. Januar 2004. Für jede bis dahin gekauft Vollversion, Upgrade oder Abonnement kann eine Erstattung von 200 EUR erhalten.

InstallShield Kurse jetzt auch in Berlin und in der Schweiz

InstallShield Schulungen werden außer in Ulm und Hamburg jetzt auch in Berlin sowie in Bern (Schweiz) und in Linz (Österreich) angeboten. Die nächsten Termine entnehmen Sie bitte der unten stehenden Tabelle.

Schulungen in Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz

InstallShield AdminStudio (4 Tage)
02.-05.03.2004 in Ulm (DE)
16.-19.03.2004 in Bern (CH)
23.-26.03.2004 in Berlin (DE)
04.-07.05.2004 in Ulm (DE)

MSI Projekte mit InstallShield DevStudio (4 Tage)
03.-06.02.2004 in Ulm (DE)
09.-12.03.2004 in Linz (AT)
16.-19.03.2004 in Hamburg (DE)
20.-23.04.2004 in Ulm (DE)

InstallScript mit InstallShield DevStudio (4 Tage)
10.-13.02.2004 in Ulm (DE)
22.-25.06.2004 in Ulm (DE)

Informationen zu Terminen, verfügbaren Plätzen, Gruppenrabatten, Schulungsunterlagen und Buchungsmöglichkeit finden Sie unter

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