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InstallSite Newsletter No. 22/1999

December 21, 1999


12/20/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
12/20/99 Microsoft DLL Database
12/18/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
12/15/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
12/10/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
12/08/99 Bugs Bulletin updated for IS5.53 and IS6.03


Windows 2000 RTM

Microsoft has released Windows 2000 to manufacturing. It should be generally available on February 17, 2000. MSDN subscribers should receive their copy beforehand on CD or via download.

Updated InstallShield Objects

The Access 97 and Jet 3.51 objects for InstallShield 6 have been updated on December 8, 1999. They can be downloaded from

InstallShield Java Edition New Version

On December 7, 1999 InstallShield Software Corporation introduced Version 3.0 of InstallShield Java Edition. For more information see

InstallShield Professional 2000 GERMAN

Für die German Edition von InstallShield Professional 2000 wurde am 3. Dezember 1999 eine aktualisierte Hilfedatei zum Download bereitgestellt.


New and updated articles for InstallShield Professional 6.03:

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite

* * * I wish you all Happy Holidays and a bug-free Y2K * * *


InstallSite Newsletter No. 21/1999

December 2, 1999


12/01/99 Fix for Adding UK English to a Project
11/30/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
11/27/99 InstallShield for Windows Installer Beta program
11/26/99 Read Value of Script Defined Folder from Log File in Maintenance Mode
11/26/99 Get Description for Error Number Returned by IS6 Function
11/26/99 File Browse Dialog fix for IS6
11/26/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
11/23/99 Using a VisualBasic DLL in IS6
11/23/99 IP Address Dialog
11/23/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
11/23/99 Added information about WebUpdate
11/23/99 Windows Installer Authoring Tools page updated


Updated Objects for IS6

The InstallShield 6 Object Gallery has been updated on November 22, 1999. The following objects have been updated:

Available at

BDE 5.0 Object for IS6 in Beta

On November 30, 1999 the public beta program for the BDE 5.0 Object has started! The BDE Beta object is available at

InstallShield for Windows Installer 1.1 Beta

Some of the new features of ISWI 1.1 (code name "Thor") are:

For more information go to

InstallFromTheWeb 3.01 Beta

The new version brings more seamless intergration with IS6 for the end user, smarter detection of files that need to be downloaded, much smaller Netscape client and more improvements. Details can be found at

InstallSite Poll

InstallSite is currently running a poll asking visitors about their plans for Windows Installer technology. The information will be used to better target the contents of InstallSite to the needs of the visitors. Other polls may follow...


New and updated articles for InstallShield Professional 6.03:

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 20/1999

November 18, 1999


11/18/99 Updated IS6 Bugs Bulletin to reflect fixes in maintenance pack 3
11/17/99 Added information about bugs fixed in IS 6.02 to the Bugs Bulletin
11/16/99 Bugs Bulletin updated for IS5, IS6 and ISWI
11/12/99 Bugs Bulletin updated for IS5 and IS6
11/10/99 Bugs Bulletin updated for IS5 and IS6
11/06/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
11/06/99 Fixed problem in File Browse Dialog


Maintenance Pack 3 for InstallShield Professional 6 Released

Many of the bugs that were listed in the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite have been fixed in IS 6.03, but still more than 20 problems remain. The maintenance pack is available for domestic and International editions at

InstallShield Professional 2000 International West & East Editions

International Editions of InstallShield Professional 2000 have been released. The International West edition supports 22 languages for IS6 and 17 languages for ISWI. The International East edition supports 9 languages for IS6 and 8 languages for ISWI.
Note: The initial release is version 6.02 so you should still apply maintenance pack 3.

InstallShield for Windows Installer 1.03 Released

The new maintenance release of ISWI is available at

Will NT4 Applications Run Without Incident On Windows 2000?

"The majority will run. The main reason for failure would be that they don't install. If they install, they will probably work..."
Kyle March, software design engineer at Mircosoft Corp., in an interview with the Developer Network Journal (
Information about the anticipated problems for old-style setup programs on Windows 2000 can be found at

IS6 Compatibility

Most of the samples, tips and tricks available on InstallSite have been written for InstallShield version 5.x. Some concepts have changed in version 6.0, so not all of them will work with IS6. Some may even damage your project files, so remember to make backups first. If you encountered such problems and have built a IS6 compatible version, please inform the webmaster.
On the other hand genuine IS6 samples and tips are written, for instance information how to create your own .obl libraries.


InstallShield Professional 6.03:

InstallShield Professional 5.53:

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite.


InstallSite Newsletter No. 19/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


11/04/99 Create Precompiled Script Libraries in IS6
11/04/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
11/03/99 List and Shut Down Running Applications
11/03/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
11/01/99 Windows Installer Authoring Tools comparison chart updated
11/01/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
10/30/99 Updated information about Windows Installer and Authoring Tools pages
10/30/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
10/30/99 Peers List updated
10/26/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated
10/23/99 Updated information on the Windows Installer Authoring Tools page
10/23/99 Added EspressoDownload to the Online Distribution Tools
10/22/99 IS6 Bugs Bulletin updated - now on a separate page
10/22/99 Peers List updated
10/21/99 Bugs Bulletin updated for IS6
10/20/99 Job opening: Installer Engineer, Adobe Systems, Inc.
10/19/99 Bugs Bulletin updated for IS6


InstallShield 6 Bug Reports

New problems with IS6 are discovered almost daily. Therefore a separate page has been created in the Bugs Bulletin to document them. For most of  the problems there are workarounds available. InstallShield is working on maintenance pack 2 that will hopefully be released soon.

Adobe Systems, Inc. is looking for an Installer Engineer

Based in San Jose, California, the engineer would be responsible for the Adobe product installers. For more information about required qualifications read the job opening on InstallSite:

Germany: Update von IS 3 auf IS Pro 2000

Anwender von InstallShield Professional 3 können für 1295.- DM auf InstallShield Professional 2000 updaten (enthält IS Pro 6.0 und InstallShield for Windows Installer). Dieses Angebot gilt bis zum 15. November.


InstallShield Professional 6.01:

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 18/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


10/16/99 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISWI and IS6
10/13/99 Bugs Bulletin for IS6 updated
10/12/99 InstallSite has been elected Site of the Week in VB-Zone
10/12/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
10/09/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
10/08/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
10/08/99 Peers List updated
10/06/99 Windows Installer Authoring Tools comparison table updated


InstallShield 6 Issues

As you can see in the list above, new entries are added to the Bugs Bulletin very frequently. Most of them describe bugs and problems in IS 6. This is not surprising for a new major version release, and in my opinion the issues are by far not as serious as in the first IS 5.0 release. However I'm documenting them very thoroughly so you can see if one of them would be a show-stopper for you, and to help you decide whether to upgrade now or wait for an upcoming release.

InstallShield Professional 6 Maintenance Pack 1

The first maintenance pack has been released on October 8, 1999 and is available at

InstallDialogue Compatible With InstallShield 6

InstallDialogue, the versatile extension program to build custom dialogs for InstallShield Professional, is now compatible with IS6 and supports the new Windows 2000 style dialogs. The update is available free of charge from

VB-Zone Site of The Week

DevX - The Development Exchange - has elected InstallSite as "Site of the Week" in their VB-Zone ( on October 12, 1999.


For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 17/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


10/02/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
09/28/99 Create GUID as String
09/28/99 Peers List updated
09/22/99 Information about Windows Installer Authoring Tools updated
09/22/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
09/21/99 Visual Basic 6 SP3 Run Time installer on Redistributables page
09/15/99 Microsoft Visual Studio Installer (VSI)
09/15/99 Installing MDAC with a Windows Installer (MSI) Package
09/15/99 Installing Indeo video Playback with InstallShield 5
09/15/99 Peers List updated


Microsoft Visual Studio Installer (VSI)

Microsoft has released an authoring tool for Windows Installer (MSI) packages. It fully integrates with the Visual Studio IDE, however is missing some of the features that InstallShield for Windows Installer and Wise for Windows Installer have. VSI comes with a set of merge modules, that can also be used with the other authoring toolkits.
VSI is available free of charge for users of Microsoft's Professional and Enterprise level development tools. It is not sold as stand alone product.

InstallShield Professional 2000

IS Pro 2000 is a bundle of two products for the price of one:

A comparison chart of ISWI and IS Pro 6 can be found at

InstallShield Professional 6 Released

The successor of InstallShield Professional 5.5 includes several enhancements, that have been mentioned here before. For a complete list see
IS Pro 6 is only available as part of the InstallShield Professional 2000 package, that also includes InstallShield for Windows Installer.

InstallShield for Windows Installer Maintenance Release

Version 1.02 of ISWI is available for free download for users of ISWI 1.0x from
Customers of InstallShield Software GmbH in Germany use
ISWI 1.02 is also included in the InstallShield Professional 2000 package.


For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 16/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


09/02/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
09/01/99 Validate User Account
08/31/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
08/31/99 Peers List updated
08/31/99 Multiple Wild Cards in Dynamic File Groups
08/31/99 Maximize Setup Window with Task Bar Visible
08/26/99 Added the Microsoft Java VM to the Redistributable Packages page
08/23/99 Implications of Windows 2000 for Existing Setup Programs updated
08/23/99 Peers List updated


InstallShield Professional Public Beta Program

The next version of InstallShield Professional, code name "Argon", will be made available for beta test on Thursday, September 2. The beta program will last only for 2 or 3 weeks. Even if you won't take part in the beta test, the web site is worth a look, because the ReadMe information lists some of the new features.

InstallShield for Windows Installer 1.01 released

This maintenance release fixes several known problems. It can be downloaded from

PackageForTheWeb Version 2.1 released

This version includes several improvements, such as cyclic redundancy check and the ability to set the Company Name, Product Name, Version Number, Description, and Copyright Notice fields in the version information of the self-extracting exe. In addition, several bugs and localization problems have been fixed.

Germany: Nachtrag zur Entwicklerkonferenz

Wer nicht bei der DevCon in Ulm dabei war, kann die Konferenzunterlagen zum Preis von 129 DM bestellen. Im Paket enthalten ist auch eine Trialversion von ISWI und die deutsche Beta 3-Version von Windows 2000.


For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 15/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


08/17/99 New version of Mike Brown's Versatile Setup Extension DLL
08/15/99 Added Replendent Registrar to the Application Analyzing Tools
08/15/99 Peers List updated
08/12/99 Two new articles in the Bugs Bulletin
08/12/99 New book: Software Release Methodology
08/11/99 Information about the Windows Installer and MSI Authoring Tools updated
08/09/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
08/09/99 Peers List updated
08/07/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
08/07/99 More Implications of Windows 2000 for Existing Setup Programs
08/07/99 Fixed bug in Search and Replace a String in File


InstallShield Amnesty Program

Companies where several persons are working with copies of the same "single-developer" version of InstallShield Professional, or people using IS Pro without any "valid proof of license certificate", can now obtain legally licensed serial numbers for all their current copies of InstallShield Professional for a list price of US $195 per serial number.
This Amnesty campaign will expire on August 31, 1999.


For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 14/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


08/01/99 InstallShield for Windows Installer in the Bugs Bulletin
08/01/99 Correction in Dialog Bitmap Secrets
08/01/99 Windows Installer Slides from Amsterdam TechEd available
07/29/99 Get the ClassID of a Control from Registry
07/29/99 Mark Controls as Safe for Scripting and Safe for Initialization updated
07/26/99 Slides from Windows Installer sessions at TechEd
07/20/99 Updated information About the Windows Installer Service


InstallShield Professional 6.0

Here are some details about the next version of IS Pro, as announced at the July 26 DevCon in Ulm:

It was said that IS6 should be available in September.

InstallShield Express 3.0

There were not as much details about ISX3 at the DevCon in Ulm, but here is one very important: ISX3 will create MSI files! This means that you don't have to learn ISWI to get the Windows 2000 logo if the Express functionality is enough for you. And since ISWI can import MSI files, this also opens a convenient way for migrating your ISX projects to ISWI.

Windows Installer Slides

On the TechEd events in Dallas and Amsterdam there have been some sessions about Windows 2000 and the Windows Installer service. Since there is no book about the Windows Installer available, these PowerPoint files provide a convenient way to introduce yourself to this new technology. InstallSite has collected links to the relevant places.


InstallShield for Windows Installer:
Project Editor Not Working with Non-English Locale Settings

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 13/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


07/15/99 Updated all articles about Setup Authoring Tools for the Windows Installer
07/13/99 Added Internet Explorer to the Windows Updates and Add-Ons page
07/13/99 Meet with Peers list modified to protect your privacy
07/12/99 Added information about Implications of Windows 2000 for Existing Setup Programs
07/10/99 Feature Comparison Chart for Windows Installer authoting tools
07/08/99 Added Microsoft XML Parser to the Windows Updates and Add-Ons page
07/07/99 Added WinInstall LE to the Windows Installer Authoring Tools
07/07/99 Added two Job Openings
07/05/99 New version of Wizard Style CD Browser
07/03/99 Updated information about 401comupd on the Windows Updates and Add-Ons page


InstallShield for Windows Installer released

Version 1.0 is available as of July 14, 1999. A wealth of information can be found at
Read how ISWI compares to other MSI authoring tools in the Windows 2000 topic center on InstallSite at

Rumors about Next Version of InstallShield Professional

Rumors has it that in August InstallShield Software Corp. will officially announce the next version of IS Pro. It will probably also include InstallShield for Windows Installer, to enable you to target ANY Windows version. More details should be disclosed on the IS DevCon in Germany on July 26, 1999 (see ad below), so you'll get more information about this topic in the next newsletter.

Meet with Peers List Takes Care of Privacy Issues

InstallSite maintains a list of setup developers that would like to get in contact with fellows. The e-mail addresses are no longer shown on the web site. To get the e-mail address of a list member, you can request it through a form. These requests are handled by a human being to make it impossible for spammers to collect addresses. Additionally to request an address you must be a list member yourself.


InstallSite Newsletter No. 12/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


07/02/99 Added VB run-time installers to the Windows Updates and Add-Ons page
07/02/99 New version of Enhanced InstallShield Dialogs
06/29/99 Detect and Install HTML Help
06/29/99 Detect and Install Internet Explorer
06/29/99 Information about the RunOnceEx and RunEx Registry Keys in Windows 98
06/24/99 Added link to the InstallShield for Windows Installer Knowledge Base
06/23/99 Added the Windows Scripting Host to the Windows Updates and Add-Ons page
06/23/99 Updated the TotalNTService dll
06/23/99 Added some information about the Disk Space Problem on Novell Netware
06/20/99 Updated versions of ShowDep and OleDep
06/20/99 Rearranged the IS Pro Tools section and added IDE and Dialog Editor
06/18/99 Added some information about potential Problems with Existing Setups on Windows 2000


InstallShield Express 2.12 Serial Number Problem

If you want to update you ISX 2.1x to the latest version, you cannot use your existing serial number to install the update. You must call InstallShield sales department and request a new serial number, because the installer will only accept valid 2.12 numbers. The update can be found at

Windows Updates and Add-Ons

Recently some items have been added to this page that lists redistributable files from Microsoft. Are there additional packages from MS or other companies that you think should appear on that page? Please send your request to the webmaster.


Updated information about the "Not Enough Disk Space" error on Novell Netware Volumes

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 11/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


06/17/99 Added a list of books about Windows 2000
06/17/99 Added the HTML Help Authoring Kit to the Books page
06/15/99 New section with focus on Windows 2000 and the Windows Installer
06/15/99 Added Windows NT Shell Scripting to the books list
06/15/99 String Table Comparison tool
06/15/99 String Table Sorting tool
06/14/99 Added RegDrop to the Debugging Tools page
06/08/99 Added the HTML Help installer to the Windows Updates and Add-Ons page
06/06/99 ProcessRegFile enhanced
06/05/99 GetIEVersion enhanced
06/05/99 Added information about CD Autorun Professional


Windows 2000 Application Specification released

On June 14, 1999 Microsoft released version 1.0 of the Application Specification for Microsoft® Windows® 2000

New Windows 2000 Area on InstallSite

To help you prepeare for Windows 2000 and the Windows Installer, the following pages have been grouped in the new Windows 2000 area:

Product updates from InstallShield:

InstallFromTheWeb version 3 released

Release notes are available at:
Special upgrade pricing ends on July 14, 1999

InstallShield Express 2.12 released

Among the various improvements and new features is the ability to build a custom uninstaller (that is, the source code of the uninst.exe is included in ISX).
Users of ISX 2.1x can update free of charge at
Users of earlier versions can purchase an upgrade to 2.12 for $145 at

InstallShield Java 3.0 Beta Program

If you want to test drive the next version of ISJ please contact

InstallSite proudly announces...

On June 14 two great things happend:
InstallSite has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory.
The 1000th subscriber signed up for the InstallSite newsletter.


InstallSite Newsletter No. 10/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


06/02/99 New Site Search engine
05/21/99 GetIEVersion updated
05/31/99 Fixed version of CopyINISection
05/29/99 Added note about Uninstalling DCOM95 Version 1.2
05/28/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
05/28/99 New Job Opening (US, Europe, Australia)
05/27/99 Fixed some problems in the ChangeToNulls function
05/26/99 Added page about the Windows Installer Service
05/24/99 New Windows Updates and Add-Ons page lists download information for DCOM and MDAC
05/22/99 Added Lemmy to the list of Replacement Editors
05/22/99 Added NetDeploy to Online Distribution and Update tools
05/21/99 Fixed bug in Get Version of Internet Explorer


New Pages on InstallSite

In the tools section you can now find two new pages:

New Search Engine for InstallSite

In the past there have been lots of troubles with the SiteSearch engine. Now it has been replaced by a different system that (hopefully) will work better.

DemoShield kostenlos von InstallShield Deutschland

Die InstallShield Software GmbH hat am 1. Juni eine Sommeraktion gestartet: Den ersten 100 Bestellungen von InstallShield 5.5 Professional und InstallShield Express wird eine kostenlose Vollversion von DemoShield 5.4 beigelegt. Näheres dazu auf


ComponentMoveData fails with "Not Enough Disk Space" error on Novell Netware Volumes

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 9/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


05/16/99 Delete Files Using the Recycle Bin
05/15/99 Get Version of Internet Explorer
05/15/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
05/14/99 Log Results of Function Calls
05/12/99 Bugs Bulletin updated
05/11/99 String Table Checker updated
05/04/99 Fixed bug in CreateUrlShortcut


Internet Explorer Version Pitfalls

IE stores its version number in the registry, so it shouldn't be hard to find out ... I thought.
Not only that there are different registry entries, depending on version and platform, the version number itself causes some confusion. IE5 has a major version number of 5, IE4 has a major version number of 4, IE3 has a major version number of - 4! IE3 is version 4.70, while IE4 is 4.71 (or 4.72 for 4.01), IE1 and IE2 are both 4.40 (only differ in the build number). And how do you find out the IE service pack? Simply download the GetIEVersion script...

ODBC-DAO-RDO and MDAC DCOM templates updated

This week InstallShield has published updated templates that fix some problems in the previous versions:

Both templates require InstallShield Professional 5.5

InstallShield Java Maintenance Release

Version 2.51 of InstallShield Java Edition has been released on 05/04/99:

Are you using the Windows Installer?

Microsoft is expected to release the final version of the Windows 2000 logo guidelines these days, including requirements for setup programs. And they are already using the beta version of the Windows Installer to deliver the Platform SDK.
What are your plans? Will you move to MSI soon? Which tools are you evaluating for this purpose?
Have you tested your InstallShield Pro setups on Windows 2000? Did they work? What problems are to expect, and how can they be solved? Share your experience...
Join the discussion about "New Technologies" on InstallSite's Community section.


For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 8/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


04/28/99  Fixed a syntax error in HideAppAndWait
04/27/99  Computer News Headlines
04/22/99  New version of CD Autorun fixes problem with long wave files
04/22/99  Create INF Files for Software Distribution
04/20/99  Generic Uninstall DLL
04/20/99  CreateUrlShortcut now support alternative icons
04/19/99  New version of Enhanced Component Dialogs


Partnerschaft mit (available only in German language)

Schon lange koennen Sie auf InstallSite Buecher online bestellen. Durch die Partnerschaft mit, dem deutschen Ableger des grossen amerikanischen Buchversandes, wird dieses Angebot noch attraktiver: liefert versandkostenfrei nach Deutschland, Österreich, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg und in die Schweiz. Besonders bei Titeln, die in Deutschland nicht auf dem Markt sind (z.B. "Bulletproof Installs"), bringt das einen erheblichen Preisvorteil.

Computer News Headlines

You can now access IT related news from a list of headlines on the front page of InstallSite. These headlines are updated frequently. Please let me know if you like this kind of information, maybe want more of it, or if it's not of much use for you. Send your opinion to the webmaster.


Cause for slow setup initialization on systems running MS Outlook and other MAPI clients explained.

Added information about empty "severe" message box that pops up during setup (workaround available).

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 7/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


04/16/99 Enhanced Component Dialog
04/16/99 Determine if Active Desktop is Installed
04/15/99 Job opening in San Francisco area
04/14/99 Updated version of InstallShield Extension for CodeWright
04/14/99 New version of InstallWatch
04/14/99 First results from the Script Editor Survey
04/13/99 New version of Dependency Walker
04/12/99 Find Acrobat Reader script now also works for Acrobat 4.0
04/12/99 License Panel for Java Edition updated again
03/27/99 Updated License Panel for Java Edition
03/27/99 Disable Close Box on Main Window
03/26/99 Added InCtrl4 to the Setup Analyzing Tools
03/26/99 Extended version of the NT Service Script
03/26/99 Updated version of Registry Key Copy function
03/26/99 InstallShield Extension for Codewright updated
03/24/99 Script Editor Survey
03/23/99 Wizard Style CD Browser
03/22/99 Path Buffer Functions That Support Long Path Names
03/22/99 Extract a Delimited Piece of a String
03/22/99 Test Whether a String is Alphanumeric
03/22/99 Convert Path to UNC reworked
03/22/99 New Section for InstallShield Express
03/22/99 Express to Professional Conversion Tool


InstallShield Express Section on InstallSite

A new section for users of InstallShield Express has been added to InstallSite. One of the first tools on this page is a free beta version of the ISX Import utility. It imports files, components and registry entries from ISX into an existing InstallShield Professional project. It even creates header files for the Express Extensions.

Script Editor Survey

Are you using the InstallShield IDE to work on your .rul files, or an external editor? Rate your editor and submit a review. The first results of the survey are now available, but the survey goes on.

The Component Dialog You Were Looking For

Many people have requested such a dialog. Now it is available for you to download and use free of charge. This enhanced component dialog is similar to InstallShield's SdComponentDialog2, but can display several levels of sub-components. If only some of the subcomponents are selected, the check box of the parent component is grayed (tri-state).

Windows CE

Are you installing software on handheld PCs running Windows CE, or intend to do so in the near future? Are you using InstallShield for Windows CE or some other tools? Would you be interested in a section about CE installs on InstallSite? Please let me know: the webmaster.


Added notes on how to solve the bug with Kanji characters that are displayed sideways in the setup initialization dialog in Japanese setups without upgrading to InstallShield Pro 5.53.

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite


InstallSite Newsletter No. 6/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


03/16/99 Display About Dialog
03/16/99 Display a Text File
03/16/99 Copy an INI Section
03/16/99 Get File Dates
03/16/99 Backup Modified Files
03/15/99 Improved File Browse Dialog function
03/15/99 Fix for Replace a String in a String function
03/13/99 Run PFTW from a Batch File
03/11/99 QuickSort for strings and lists
03/11/99 Retrieve Local TCP/IP Address now also works on Win95
03/09/99 Updated version of Install DAO 3.5 Run-Time


InstallShield Express to Professional Conversion Tool

Shawn Winterbottom is developing a tool to import program imports file groups, components, registry entries and shortcuts from ISX into an existing InstallShield Professional project. The beta version is not yet importing the shortcuts, but works quite well in the other parts. If you want to become a beta tester, please contact

New InstallShield 5.5 Professional Templates

InstallShield has released two new templates as free download.

The ODBC-DAO-RDO v2 Template is available at

The MDAC DCOM Template is available at


Known Problems in IS Pro 5.53:

For the latest information, details and workarounds check out the Bugs Bulletin on InstallSite

That's it for this edition. I will be out of office from March 29 until April 11. Therefore the next newsletter will be sent in about four weeks.

Happy Easter!


InstallSite Newsletter No. 5/99

Welcome to the InstallSite Newsletter.


03/04/99 Replacement for SdAskOptionsList
03/04/99 Replace a String in a String reworked
03/04/99 Improved version of IsNTServer function
02/26/99 New version of Get MDAC Version and Check ODBC Drivers
02/26/99 Command Line Option Parsing
02/24/99 Job Opening in Massachusetts
02/23/99 New section: Bugs Bulletin
02/22/99 Mark Controls as Safe for Scripting and Safe for Initialization
02/19/99 Job Opening in Virginia


InstallShield has released several Maintenance Packs:

A new CORECOMP.INI is available, where Asycfilt.dll is removed. Recently there has been a corecomp.ini that erroneously listed Asycfilt.dll as a core file which might be causing problems. Make sure you have the latest corecomp.ini, released on Feb 24, without Asycfilt.dll.

InstallShield 5.1 Maintenance Pack 4
This MP fixes the problem with empty Yes/No message boxes that was introduced with MP3.

InstallShield 5.5 Maintenance Pack 3
This MP fixes the most serious bugs that have been introduced with 5.52. However it does not solve the problem with component size display in SdAskOptionsList. (There is a workaround for this problem available on InstallSite).
Note that the MP does not include updated help files. You must download them as a separate package

Bugs Bulletin:

Because of the recent problems with buggy maintenance packs, a new section has been added to InstallSite: The Bugs Bulletin lists known issues in the current releases to help you decide whether to upgrade to the respective version or better wait until the problem is fixed. It also gives hints for workarounds and instructions how to downgrade to previous versions. The bulletin is updated frequently, and these updates are NOT listed in the What's New section on the home page. Therefore it is recommended that you check the bulletin page often.
Would you be interested to receive the Bugs Bulletin via e-mail every time it gets updated? Let me know.


InstallSite Newsletter No. 4/99

Welcome to the InstallSite newsletter.


02/16/99 Distinguish Between NT Server and Workstation
02/16/99 Replace a String in a String
02/10/99 InstallSite Chat: Non-Technical Forum
02/10/99 Technical Papers from Scarab Software explain installation of shared, locked and self-registering files
02/09/99 Updated version of License Panel with Word Wrap for Java Edition
02/09/99 Added section Related Tools
02/08/99 Added two sections for InstallShield Pro: NT Services and Registry and INI Files
02/06/99 Content has been rearranged in the Tools & Tips section
02/05/99 Sorting a String List


Bug in knowledge base article Q102579 "Displaying a File Browse Dialog" fixed: Several people who tried to use the code in this KB article found that it didn't work, i.e. all aparameters were ignored and the selected file name was not returned. This has been fixed and the article now includes the correct .rul and .h files.

A new version of CORECOMP.INI for InstallShield 5.x is available for download from InstallShield's support site. It includes new VC6 mfc*.dll's and msvc*.dll's, as well as more odbc*.* and mapi*.* files.

Maintenance Pack 2 for InstallShield 5.5 has been released. It fixes a lot of bugs and enables various long awaited features such as using icons in component dialogs. Wishes for the International version have also been addressed: the setup language can now be specified with a command line parameter, and the language list on the "Choose Language" dialog box can be customized. Fixes include the "-132" error when ComponentMoveData is called multiple times and building components with more than 31 subcomponents.
The maintenance pack is available at
The maintenance pack is not yet available for users of the German Editions.

InstallShield for Windows CE 1.0 has been released:

InstallSite Newsletter No. 3/99

Welcome to the InstallSite newsletter.


02/01/99 OLEDep lists COM servers requested by specified application
02/01/99 Updated version of ShowDep
02/01/99 Updated versions of IncludeInBuild and LanguageBuild command line tools now support IS 5.5
02/01/99 Rename File on Next Reboot of Remote PC
01/28/99 Deutsches InstallSite Forum - a German language discussion group
01/28/99 License Panel with Word Wrap for ISJava
01/27/99 Created a section for InstallShield Java Edition. First contribution is a Splash Screen
01/25/99 Updated version of the Total NT Service Support DLL
01/25/99 Updated version of Copy a Registry Key


Empty Yes/No dialog in IS5.1 MP3

As this newsletter already reported in December (Newsletter 12/1998) there is a problem in maintenance pack 3 for InstallShield 5.1: Empty dialog boxes with Yes and No buttons appear during ComponentMoveData if a file already exists on the target pc and the overwrite properties set are to NEWERVERSION/NEWERDATE (doesn't seem to happen if properties are ALWAYSOVERWRITE or NEWERDATE without version checking).
This problem has not yet been solved and the buggy MP3 is still offered for download on InstallShield's web site. If you need to use NEWERVAERSION/NEWERDATE in your setup, the only work-around is to downgrade to MP2. This can be done by installing MP2 over MP3 (no need to uninstall InstallShield). Maintenance pack 2 is still available at this location:

New shareware tool: OLEDep

This utility can show all COM servers requested by the specified application, including the calls that failed for some reason. This is very useful to find the OCXs that a VB program needs.

There are two new sections on InstallSite:

InstallShield for Java Extensions
By demand of some users of the Java edition InstallSite is now collecting Java code modules in addition to the IS5 scripts and DLLs. I hope it will become a valuable resource for ISJava developers.

Deutsches InstallSite Forum - a discussion board in German language
Da es mittlerweile deutsche Versionen der meisten InstallShield-Produkte gibt, war es an der Zeit für ein deutschsprachiges Diskussionsforum. Hier soll es nicht nur um die Besonderheiten der deutschen Versionen gehen, sondern es können auch allgemeine Probleme besprochen werden.


InstallSite Newsletter No. 2/99

Welcome to the InstallSite newsletter.


01/17/99 Get MDAC Version
01/17/99 Versatile Setup Extension DLL that handles DCOM security settings, administrator privileges and much more
01/17/99 Updated information in the InstallShield Product Roadmap
01/12/99 Copy a Registry Key
01/12/99 Closing a DOS Box On Exit
01/12/99 Updated RegAddMulti function
01/12/99 Fixed minor error in CD Browser Written in InstallScript
01/11/99 Added "Independence Software" to the List of Consulting and Custom Programming Companies
01/06/99 Discussion about New Technologies such as ISWi and ISCE


In August we reported an incompatibility between IS 5.1 and Win98 (with Novell Netware client) that caused an installation to abort when the Browse button was clicked. Although this wasn't InstallShield's fault they found a workaround for this problem in IS 5.5. Now finally Microsoft has released a fix for Windows 98. It can be found at

InstallShield released an updated version of CORECOMP.INI that includes new VC6 MFC and MSVC DLLs, as well as more ODBC and MAPI files. Download at

The German Edition of InstallShield Express 2.11 is available. This time it took only four weeks to translate and localize the new version. Congratulations!


No. 1/99 - January 3, 1999

Happy New Year and welcome to the first InstallSite newsletter in 1999.


01/02/99 Tool for Adding UK English to a Project now available for IS 5.5
01/02/99 Added Managing the Windows NT Registry to the Books page
01/02/99 Added the Windows NT FAQ to the support sites
01/02/99 Integrated Scripts, DLLs and Dialogs under InstallShield Extensions
12/29/98 Updated some external hyperlinks
12/29/98 Added a link to Careers at InstallShield Software Corp.
12/26/98 Updated the ODBC Hints
12/26/98 Updated Wordfile for CodeWright
12/26/98 Restructured the Scripts section
12/21/98 Added "Windows NT Automated Deployment and Customization" to the Books Page


Some re-structuring is taking place on InstallSite. All the scripts, dialogs and dlls can now be found under "InstallShield Extensions", ordered by topic. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the information you were looking for. Also many of the "Download" buttons have been replaced by simple links to the appropriate ZIP file. This should speed up the site. On the other hand this re-work may unintenionally have broken some links. If you experience any difficulties with the site, please inform the webmaster.

Another problem many of you may have seen in the past weeks are the "Web is busy" error messages. We are still researching the cause. If you see such error, please contact the webmaster and specify the following information:

Thanks for your patience and your assistance.




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