InstallShield Support Contracts
With an InstallShield support contract you can get answers directly from the manufacturer. These contracts which run for 12 months entitle you to an unlimited number of questions, either by web form or by phone (depending on contract level). Support Contracts from InstallShield Software Corp. are available upon request from the InstallSite Shop. Please contact us.
Training Courses and Books

Training and workshops for InstallShield products are available from InstallShield Software Corporation and from third parties. Training manuals may also be purchased separately for self-study.


Vendor Independent Professional Services

Stefan Krueger, a well known expert for the development of setup programs and very familiar with Microsoft's Windows Installer technology and Installshield products, together with partners is providing a range of services, independent from the software vendor:
  • Consulting
    Customer specific programming and detailed consulting
  • Support
    Answering your questions by e-mail, charged per hour
  • Training and Workshops
    As an alternative to public trainings, courses can also be held on-site at your facility, with customized content

Microsoft Most Valuable ProfessionalMicrosoft has awarded Stefan Krueger as MVP for Windows Installer Technology. Generally speaking, MVPs provide one-to-many support by taking part in online discussions and public newsgroups. Like most MVPs, Stefan does not appreciate, and quite often will not answer, unsolicited e-mail requests for help, as this cuts down on the number of folks he may be helping with his volunteer efforts. Direct e-mail support is only available to customers.

Free End User Support

InstallShield Consumer Central

Having trouble installing software on your computer? Please contact these software manufacturer first. If they can't help and the setup program was created using InstallShield, you can find answers to common installation questions in InstallShield's site for end users.


Free Peer-to-Peer Support for Setup Developers


In the InstallSite Forum users share their knowledge and help each others with problems. Please remember that they are not paid support engineers, but developers like yourself who volunteer in the forum. Therefore you may not receive a reply immediately, or in some cases not at all.

For questions about InstallShield product see also:

Browse Samples and Articles


On InstallSite you'll find a collection of code samples, technical articles, and a list of known issues in products from InstallShield and Microsoft. You should also visit the MSI FAQ.

Tips and technical articles about InstallShield products can also be found at the manufacturer's site:

Software, Updates, Add-On Tools


Tools from InstallShield Software Corporation, Microsoft and third parties are available in our online shop.




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