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Setup Squeezer is a commercial tool from InstallAware Software Corporation

Description from the company:
Setup Squeezer is an application to recompress Windows Installer (MSI) and InstallShield (EXE) setups. With LZMA compression technology, and BCJ2 compression pre-processing, Setup Squeezer is able to make already-compressed setups smaller by an additional 15% to 50%. Setup Squeezer improves on existing setup-compression tools by offering a very simple wizard interface that helps you intelligently unpack and repackage existing setups, with runtime support for all versions of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows Vista, using an extraction process that the user can abort, while running with as little as 32MB of physical memory. Previously compressed packages and nested setups are recursively scanned, opened, and automatically recompressed. Setup Squeezer is available in two versions: Setup Squeezer for Windows Installer and Setup Squeezer for InstallShield.

WWW Website:

MimarSinan Emissary

Emissary is a shareware tool available from Mimar Sinan International

Emissary creates self extracting executables with a high compression rate (CAB-LZX compression). It supports file splitting, authenticode signing, custom messages and license agreement and localization. It has a wizard style user interface, a command line interface and adds itself to the right click menu so that you can conveniently package (and optionally e-mail) a file from Windows Explorer.

WWW Visit the Mimar Sinan web site for an online tutorial and to download the evaluation version

Paquet Builder

Paquet Builder is a commercial product by G.D.G. Software

Description from the manufacturer:
Paquet Builder is a software between a Self-Extracting 7-Zip archive maker, and an advanced software installation generator. Featured-packed, it lets you create compact and fully-customized installer packages for professional file and software delivery.

WWW Visit the Paquet Builder website for more information

WinZip Self Extractor

WinZip and WinZip SelfExtractor are commercial products by WinZip Computing, Inc.

There are several ZIP utilities that can create self extracting executables for windows. In my opinion, WinZip is the best. It supports 16 and 32 bit windows, code signing and password protection. WinZip 7.0 can even create self-extractors that span multiple diskettes.

WWW Visit WinZip Computing, Inc. to get more information and download the evaluation version

Microsoft IExpress

IExpress is available from Microsoft Corp. as free download

This very versatile tool is included in the InetSDK and the Internet Explorer Adiministration Kit (IEAK) that is available free of charge for registered members of the Microsoft Sitebuilder Network.


PackageForTheWeb (PFTW) has been discontinued and is no longer available. It has been replaced by the "Compact" project type and the "single file executable" option in InstallShield products.


InstallShield InstallFromTheWeb (IFTW) is no longer available as a separate tool. Instead, improved One-Click-Install technology is built into InstallShield.




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