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InstallShield 2018
Neue Version mit Verbesserungen für IIS, XML, MSBuild, PowerShell, Suite Projekte, Prerequisites u.a.
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12/29/98 Updated some external hyperlinks
12/29/98 Added a link to Careers at InstallShield Software Corp.
12/26/98 Updated the ODBC Hints
12/26/98 Updated Wordfile for CodeWright
12/26/98 Restructured the Scripts section
12/21/98 Added "Windows NT Automated Deployment and Customization" to the Books Page
12/20/98 Added Highlander Software Ltd. to the Consultants List
12/16/98 New version of ShowDep tool
12/13/98 Enhanced list of Consulting and Custom Programming Companies
12/12/98 Job Offer from Tanner EDA in Southern California
12/12/98 Updated version of the Freeware CD Browser that fixes an oleaut32 bug
12/08/98 Job Offer from Deutsche Telekom Online Service (Germany)
12/06/98 Updated version of CreateUrlShortcut
12/01/98 Adding UK English to a Project
11/29/98 Developer Community: Meet with Peers
11/29/98 Discussion: Testing a Setup
11/27/98 Starting, Stopping and Deleting NT Services now also IS3 compatible
11/24/98 Set User Rights on NT
11/20/98 New URL -
11/18/98 New version of ComponentSelectItem() for Invisible Components
11/16/98 Debugging an Uninstall DLL from Visual C++
11/11/98 InstallSite Questionnaire
11/10/98 Get System Information
11/06/98 String Table Copy Tool
11/05/98 Added notes about Windows 2000 logo compliance with InstallShield products
11/01/98 Site Statistics for October
10/30/98 InstallSite mirror in Singapore:
10/29/98 New version of Troy Engel's Font Install Function
10/27/98 Update Environment in NT Registry
10/27/98 Updated function to Install a Windows INF file
10/22/98 Detect DCOM Version
10/21/98 Create Custom Dialogs From Script with InstallDialogue
10/20/98 Looking for a Self-Registered File
10/16/98 Updated information about InstallShield versions for NT5 and CE
10/13/98 Added some book recommendations
10/09/98 Graphical CD Browser (freeware)
10/09/98 Added EditPlus to the list of Replacement Editors
10/08/98 Information about release of InstallShield 5.5
10/07/98 The InstallShield Newsgroup Archive has been extended
10/07/98 Added Ed Fultz to the Consultants List
10/06/98 Set up a secondary mirror server for InstallSite at
10/04/98 More details about InstallShield for MSI
10/03/98 Script Enhancement Wizard
10/01/98 Site Statistics for September
09/28/98 More information about "Bulletproof Installs": Preface, sample chapter, author bio
09/24/98 Added WinAPI prototypes to PrintFile function
09/24/98 InstallShield Product Roadmap
09/24/98 Added the Microsoft Developer Network to the Help Resources list
09/22/98 New (beta) version of InstallWatch
09/22/98 Another Way to Import a Registry File
09/22/98 Monitor an Install Program Without Any (Expensive) Tools
09/17/98 Create Virtual Directories and Install Filters in IIS4
09/17/98 Added NTC GmbH to the list of Consulting Companies
09/12/98 Adding an Unsupported Language
09/12/98 Added more language choices in String Table form
09/11/98 Updated version of the Check String Table tool
09/08/98 Improved Wordfile and ReadMe for UltraEdit
09/06/98 Dialog Bitmap Secrets
09/06/98 BDE and ODBC White Paper Hints overhauled
09/05/98 Format Date String
09/03/98 Set Start Mode of an NT Service
09/03/98 Added a Language Selector to the Command Line Tools
09/02/98 Site Statistics for August
08/29/98 General Purpose String Table
08/27/98 Rearranged the Command Line Tools section and added CAB tool
08/27/98 Bugfix for IncludeInBuild Tool
08/26/98 Added RegSnap to the Setup Analyzing Tools
08/25/98 Correct ZIP file now available for Starting, Stopping and Deleting NT Services
08/25/98 CD Browser Written in InstallScript
08/25/98 Updated wordfile for Highlighter
08/24/98 Adding a Value to a Multiline Registry Entry on NT
08/23/98 Dynamic Selection of Billboards



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