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InstallShield InstallScript: Objects

Note: InstallShield Objects require InstallShield Professional 6.0 or above. They are not supported in earlier versions of InstallShield.

Access Objects

These are commercial products sold by SageKey Software Inc.

SageKey has a long tradition of providing installation scripts for Access runtime versions. Now they have released various versions of Access objects for InstallShield Professional 6.11 and above that creates a runtime installation that coexists with Access 2.0, 95, 97, 2000 and 2002.

Compatibility: Pro6: requires 6.11 or above.  Pro7: unknown

WWW Visit SageKey Software, Inc. to get more information

DCOM-MDAC-Jet Object

This object installs MDAC 2.7, Jet 4.0 and (if required on Windows 95) DCOM 95, with support for multiple languages. It automatically continues with setup if a reboot is required.

The package includes only the source code of the object. You will have to download the DCOM and MDAC redistributable packages from the Microsoft web site.

Update: now installs MDAC version 2.7 RTM (2.70.9001.0).

Compatibility: Pro6: requires 6.11 or above.  Pro7: unknown

WWW Visit the InteAr web site to download the package   Created by InteAr Ltd.

MSI 1.2 Engine Object

This object will install the Msi 1.2 engine. The zip file contains the entire project, minus the redistributables--Instmsia.exe and Instmsiw.exe. There is a folder in the project structure "Data Files\Redist\Instmsia" and "Data Files\Redist\Instmsiw" where the redistributable engines should be placed and then the object should be built. Currently, there are .txt files in these folders that are palce holders for these redistributables.  Just unzip the project, replace the place holder files with the actual self-extracting exe's and build. After this, the objetc will available in the Object gallery.
The package also includes a .doc file that explains a little about the properties.

Compatibility: Pro6: no.  Pro7: yes

ZIP Written by Kent Foyer
File size: 57.511 bytes   Last update: 2002-11-13

Setting Properties in the NT Service Object at Runtime

You can set the properties of InstallShield's NT Services Object dynamically at runtime of your setup, e.g. to specify the user name and password.

Instructions and a reference for all properties of the NT Service object can be found in knowledge base article Q105117




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