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Neue Version mit Verbesserungen für IIS, XML, MSBuild, PowerShell, Suite Projekte, Prerequisites u.a.
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InstallSite Newsletter 9/2002

NEWS FROM INSTALLSITE.ORG --- September 24, 2002


2002-09-23 Using the LockPermissions Table on Localized Windows Versions
2002-09-16 List SQL Servers (InstallScript) updated
2002-09-12 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISPro 7
2002-09-06 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISPro 7
2002-09-06 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISDev 7
2002-09-06 How To Launch CDs with HTML Applications
2002-09-06 Additional Links to Windows Installer Web Sites
2002-08-31 Windows Installer WebCastst and Presentations
2002-08-30 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISDev 7
2002-08-30 Added msicreate and MSImaker to Windows Installer Authoring Tools
2002-08-14 New Bugs Bulletin for IS Pro 7


Special Rebates for InstallShield Limited Edition Owners

Owners of limited editions of InstallShield products that are included in development tools from Borland and Microsoft can receive a rebate of $100-$200 US Dollars when upgrading to a full product version. Details to be posted soon. Please contact if you are interested in this offer.

AdminStudio 3.5 Released

InstallShield AdminStudio 3.5 is now available. It has an improved Repackager based on InstallMonitor technology, a new conversion wizard for Novell ZENworks, Microsoft SMS and WinINSTALL files, enhanced Conflict Solver and more. It also includes the latest version of InstallShield Developer 7 (with service pack 4) as Author component. Version 3.5 is not available free of charge for existing customers, it's a paid upgrade. Technical details about the new version can be found in the release notes.

InstallShield Developer 8 Beta Test

InstallShield has opened the beta test program for Developer 8.0 to the public. New features in Developer 8 include:

For reported problems with QuickPatch or migration ISWI and Developer 7 projects to version 8 IstallShield offers gift certificates as reward.

Freebies for InstallShield Developer and Professional

With two special bundle offers for InstallShield Developer and Professional you can currently get useful extras free of charge
In addition to the low introductory prices for InstallShield Professional 7 you'll receive a free training CD-ROM with a CBT (Computer Based Training) program. This offer is valid for full products and upgrades and expires on September 30, 2002.
When ordering a full copy of InstallShield Developer 7 you'll receive Bob Baker's book "Getting Started with InstallShield Developer and Windows Installer Setups" as free add-on. This offer is only valid in the InstallSite Shop and ends on October 15, 2002.

Windows Installer and Group Policy Chat

Microsoft is holding a second chat about Windows Installer technology. The experts from the Windows Installer and Group Policy development teams will discuss the interactions between MSI and Group Policy. They'll answer your questions about assignment vs. publishing, what it means for an MSI package to support deployment, and the software deployment improvements in Windows XP and Windows .Net Server 2003. Questions on MSI authoring requirements, best practices, roaming user functionality, troubleshooting techniques, and establishing upgrade relationships between deployed software are also welcome
Date: October 1, 2002
Time: 18:00 GMT (= 11:00 a.m. Pacific time, 2:00 p.m. Eastern time)

Binary Patching in Professional 7 Beta Test

vBuild for InstallShield Professional is a new product jointly developed by Red Bend Software and InstallShield which is currently in beta test. vBuild integrates Red Bend's software update creation technology with InstallShield Professional 7.0’s installation authoring environment. vBuild automatically transforms installation packages created with InstallShield Professional 7.0 into upgrade installations for previous versions, reducing the update size by 30%-90% over any other update tool. vBuild will also reduce your full version setups, using compression that is more powerful than ZIP (by about 40%) or CAB (by about 25%). Using vBuild, there is no need to create a separate update setup for each previous version as is necessary with the Update Authoring option of the InstallShield Professional 7.0.
To learn more about vBuild for InstallShield Professional and to enroll in the beta test visit the beta site

Hotfix for Developer 7

InstallShield has released a hot fix for InstallShield Developer. It is recommended for all versions including 7.04, except if you're building setups for version 1.2 of the msi runtime. The hotfix addresses three issues: Standard setups occassionally fail to run on Windows NT4 SP6 target systems (IDriver crash), Standard setups are not registered properly when installed by non-administrators (fix only applied to Developer 7.0 with SP3 or greater), and Basic MSI setups using InstallScript sometimes hang during setup progress on Windows 9x target systems. Existing setups should be rebuilt after the hotfix is applied to the development system. If you select to use version 1.2 of the Windows Installer runtime instead of version 2.0 you may not want to install the hotfix - it would cause the setup progress bar to stay at 0% while the installation completes successfully.
To receive the update select Check for Updates from the Tools menu.

"Making Sense of Windows Installer" Seminars in Europe

This one day seminar explains the major advantages of Windows Installer technology over legacy installation techniques, and shows how to leverage the full feature set of the technology, including how to adhere to Microsoft’s best practices when creating MSI installer databases. Attendees receive a free copy of Bob Baker's book "Getting Started with InstallShield Developer and Windows Installer". Additional dates have been announced in France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany for November and December 2002.

InstallShield Training in Europe

(courses in Germany see below)

Making Sense of Windows Installer (English)

Dec 2, 2002 in Madrid, Spain
Dec 2, 2002 in Saronno (VA), Italy
Dec 9, 2002 in Paris, France
Dec 9, 2002 in Bristol, United Kingdom

Learning InstallShield Developer (English, French, Italian)

Oct 15 - Oct 18, 2002 in Paris, France
Oct 15 - Oct 18, 2002 in Naarden, The Netherlands
Oct 22 - Oct 25, 2002 in Saronno (VA), Italy
Nov 5 - Nov 8, 2002 in London, United Kingdom

Learning InstallShield Professional (English, French)

Oct 15 - Oct 18, 2002 in London, United Kingdom
Oct 22 - Oct 25, 2002 in Naarden, The Netherlands
Nov 26 - Nov 29, 2002 in Paris, France

For details about these courses and booking information go to


Rabatt-Aktion für Besitzer von InstallShield Limited Editions

Besitzer von eingeschränkten Versionen von InstallShield-Produkten, wie sie verschiedenen Entwicklungstools von Microsoft und Borland beiliegen, können einen Rabatt von $100-$200 US Dollar erhalten, wenn sie auf eine Vollversion umsteigen. Nähere Einzelheiten werden in Kürze veröffentlicht. Bitte wenden Sie sich an wenn Sie an diesem Angebot interessiert sind.

Service Pack 4 für installShield Developer in Deutsch

Service Pack 4 für InstallShield Developer ist jetzt auch in deutsch verfügbar. Die wesentliche Neuerung in dieser Version ist die direkte Einbindung in die Entwicklungsumgebung von Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. Dadurch kann man auch die Installation erstellen, ohne die gewohnte Ugebung verlassen zu müssen, und das Setup wird automatisch an die Änderungen der Applikation angepasst. Die gewohnte Developer-IDE ist weiterhin enthalten, so dass man Developer auch ohne Visual Studio verwenden kann. Das Service Pack 4 verbessert auch die .NET Unterstützung und behebt einige Fehler. Weitere Details finden Sie in den Release Notes. Service Pack 4 ist für Anwender von Developer 7.0x kostenlos erhältlich. Um die neue Version herunter zu laden wählen Sie "Updates suchen" im "Extras" Menü.

Kostenlose Zugaben bei InstallShield Developer und Professional

Durch zwei aktuelle Angebotsaktionen kann man beim Kauf von InstallShield Developer oder Professional nützliche Extras kostenlos erhalten.
Bei InstallShield Professional 7 gibt es zusätzlich zu den ohnehin reduzierten Einführungspreisen eine Schulungs-CD-ROM mit einem CBT (Computer Based Training) Programm kostenlos dazu. Dieses Angebot gilt für Vollversionen und Upgrades und endet am 30. September.
Beim Kauf einer Vollversion von InstallShield Developer 7 (deutsch oder englisch) erhält man das Buch "Getting Started with InstallShield Developer and Windows Installer Setups" von Bob Baker als kostenlose Beigabe. Dieses Angebot läuft bis 15. Oktober und gilt nur im InstallSite Shop.

Hotfix für Developer 7

InstallShield hat einen Hotfix für InstallShield Developer veröffentlicht. Er wird für alle Versionen einschließlich 7.04 empfohlen und behebt drei Probleme: Standard Setups stürzen auf Windows NT4 SP6 manchmal mit einem IDriver Crash ab, Standard Setups werden nicht richtig registriert wenn sie nicht mit Administrator-Rechten installiert werden (betrifft nur Developer 7.0 mit SP3 und höher), und Basic MSI Setups die InstallScript verwenden bleiben unter Windows 9x manchmal während des Installationsvorgangs hängen. Nach der Installation des Hotfix sollten die Release-Medien von vorhandenen Setups neu erstellt werden.
Um das Update zu erhalten wählen Sie "Updates suchen" im "Extras" Menü.

Seminar "Making Sense of Windows Installer"

InstallShield Software EMEA bietet wieder ein Ein-Tages-Seminar zu Windows Installer an. Es informiert über die Vorteile von Windows Installer gegenüber herkömmlichen Installationstechnologien und zeigt, wie die volle Funktionalität der Windows Installer Technologie genutzt werden kann. Im Seminarpreis enthalten ist ein Exemplar von Bob Bakers neuem Buch "Getting Started with InstallShield Developer and Windows Installer". Die Seminare finden in Deutschland, Frankreich, Spanien und Italien statt.
Termine, Orte, Inhalte, Erfahrungsbericht:

InstallShield Schulungstermine in Deutschland

Making Sense of Windows Installer (englisch)

25.11.2002 in München

Learning InstallShield Developer (deutsch)

22.-25.10.2002 in München
03.-06.12.2002 in München

Learning InstallShield Professional (deutsch)

26.-29.11.2002 in München

Informationen zu Terminen, verfügbaren Plätzen, Gruppenrabatten, Schulungsunterlagen und Buchungsmöglichkeit finden Sie unter

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