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InstallSite Newsletter 9/2003



2003-09-30 Windows Installer Chats in October and November
2003-09-30 Windows Installer Books updated
2003-09-04 Windows Installer Authoring Tools updated
2003-09-25 Compatibility notice for LaunchAppEx updated for DevStudio 9
2003-09-11 Windows Installer FAQ updated (English/German)
2003-09-07 SQL Server Database Maintenance script updated

Using the LockPermissions Table on Localized Windows Versions updated

2003-09-07 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISDev 8
2003-09-04 Windows Installer Authoring Tools updated
2003-09-04 Instvc DLL information updated (InstallScript)
2003-09-02 Windows Installer Chat on September 16
2003-09-01 Windows Installer FAQ updated (English/German)
2003-08-26 Create Components from the Command Line for ISDev updated

Deploying Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 by Using Active Directory


Execute Perl Scripts from InstallScript


E_Cat Wizard Style CD-Browser updated


Added to System Administrator Web Sites List


Merge Module List updated

2003-08-20 Added PaquetBuilder to Online Distribution Tools
2003-08-13 Windows Installer FAQ updated (English/German)
2003-08-13 Check if License Text was Completely Viewed (MSI)
2003-08-05 "Poor Man's Dialog Editor" for MSI
2003-08-05 File Browse Dialog for MSI updated


InstallShield DevStudio 9 available

The new InstallShield DevStudio 9 is a Windows installation-authoring solution that enables software developers to create Windows Installer (MSI), InstallScript, and smart device installations – all while using a single, easy-to-use development environment.

DevStudio 9 is a suite that gives you the capabilities of both InstallShield Developer and InstallShield Professional, plus integration with Visual Studio .NET – together in one seamlessly integrated product.

New features include:

InstallShield guarantees that your InstallShield Developer, InstallShield Professional 6 or 7, InstallShield Express, or InstallShield Windows Installer project will migrate to InstallShield DevStudio 9. And if it doesn't, they'll fix it at no cost.

As an introdutory offer, a $200/€200 mail-in rebate is available until November 30, 2003.

Localized Update Service

New version 2.2 of InstallShield 's Update Service brings support for localized messages in 14 languages. The default strings are pre-translated, and you can also specify the language for the update notices you post. End users will then see the update in the language that was registered during the first time install of your software.

InstallShield Update Service enables you to automatically deliver software updates to your customers, similar to Windows Update.

InstallShield AdminStudio Course in Sweden

InstallShield will be holding the public training class "Repackaging and Migration using InstallShield AdminStudio" in Linköping, Sweden. The course will take place from October 21 through October 24, 2003. For more information and to register see

On-Demand online training about Patches

InstallShield's training department introduced a new course format: On-demand, self-paced, online seminar. You can access this seminar, which was recorded previously, from the convenience of your desk at a time that suits you. This has several benefits:

Participants can download a seminar manual as PDF file.

The first seminar in this format is "Designing and Deploying MSI Updates and Patches". After repeating some important basic facts about Windows Installer (like component key paths) it describes update types, patch generation and validation, explains troubleshooting and logging methods, and discusses automatic update distribution. Tools used in the seminar are the Microsoft Windows Installer SDK, InstallShield Developer and InstallShield Express.

The seminar is held by Robert Dickau, Bob Baker, and Chris Woerner.

For more information see

Windows Installer Chats in October and November

In this October's MSI chat, the Windows Installer team at Microsoft will be bringing in some guest experts to discuss the Windows Installer user interface functionality. If you've ever wanted to ask questions about how MSI works with Dialogs, Controls, Fonts, Logging, MSI message records, or External UI then this chat is a great opportunity.

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Time: 18:00 GMT = 11:00 AM Pacific = 2:00 PM Eastern = 19:00 UK time = 20:00 CET (DST)

In the November Windows Installer chat, experts from the MSI team at Microsoft will sit down at their keyboards and answer any questions you ask about MSI - no specific focus area is scheduled for this month. Fire up your browser and join this chat to learn about merge modules, rollback, custom actions, advertisement, external UI, patches and upgrades, validation, assemblies and more.

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Time: 19:00 GMT = 11:00 AM Pacific = 2:00 PM Eastern = 20:00 CET

These chats will focus on released versions of the Windows Installer and will not cover any Beta or pre-release information.

InstallShield Training in Europe and Australia

InstallShield AdminStudio (4 day course. English)
Oct 21 - Oct 24, 2003 in London (UK)
Oct 21 - Oct 24, 2003 in Linköping (SE)
Nov 11 - Nov 14, 2003 in Bristol (UK)
Nov 18 - Nov 21, 2003 in Naarden (NL)

MSI Projects with DevStudio (4 day course. English, French, Italian)
Oct 7 - Oct 10, 2003 in Paris (FR)
Oct 14 - Oct 17, 2003 in London (UK)
Nov 4 - Nov 7, 2003 in London (UK)
Nov 11 - Nov 14, 2003 in Sydney (AU)
Dec 2 - Dec 5, 2003 in Naarden (NL)
Dec 2 - Dec 5, 2003 in Saronno (IT)
Dec 9 - Dec 12, 2003 in Bristol (UK)

InstallScript Projects with DevStudio (4 day course. English, French)
Oct 14 - Oct 17, 2003 in Paris (FR)

Making Sense of Windows Installer (1 day seminar. English, French)
Oct 6, 2003 in Paris (FR)
Nov 10, 2003 in Sydney (AU)
Dec 1, 2003 in Naarden (NL)
Dec 1, 2003 in Saronno (IT)
Dec 8, 2003 in Bristol (UK)

Courses in Germany see below. For details about these courses and booking information go to


Mehrsprachiger Update Service

Die neue Version 2.2 des InstallShield Update Service enthält Unterstützung für 14 Sprachen. Die Standard-Texte sind vorübersetzt, und für die eigenen Update-Hinweise kann man die jeweilige Sprache angeben. Updates werden dem Endbenutzer dann in der Sprache angezeigt, die bei der Erstinstallation Ihrer Software angegeben wurde.

Mit dem InstallShield Update Service können Software Updates automatisch verteilt werden, ähnlich dem Windows Update.

Schulungen in Deutschland

InstallShield AdminStudio (4 Tage)
28.-31.10.2003 in Ulm (DE)
02.-05.12.2003 in Ulm (DE)

MSI Projekte mit InstallShield DevStudio (4 Tage)
.-07.11.2003 in Ulm (DE)
09.-12.12.2003 in Ulm (DE)
16.-19.12.2003 in Hamburg (DE)

InstallScript Projekte mit InstallShield DevStudio (4 Tage)
.-14.11.2003 in Ulm (DE)

Windows Installer Einführung (1 Tag)
03.11.2003 in Ulm (DE)
15.12.2003 in Hamburg (DE)

Informationen zu Terminen, verfügbaren Plätzen, Gruppenrabatten, Schulungsunterlagen und Buchungsmöglichkeit finden Sie unter

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