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InstallSite Newsletter 11/2002

NEWS FROM INSTALLSITE.ORG --- December 3, 2002


2002-11-29 Change Project GUIDs in InstallShield
2002-11-29 Automatically Updade .NET Applications
2002-11-29 Windows Installer 2.0 article updated (English/German)
2002-11-13 MSI 1.2 Engine Object for ISPro7
2002-11-07 Windows Installer Books updated
2002-11-07 Windows Installer WebCasts and Chats updated
2002-11-07 MDAC Object for ISPro6 updated
2002-11-07 New version of UNCPath script
2002-10-24 Windows Installer WebCasts and Chats updated
2002-10-17 Bugs Bulletin for MSI Runtime updated
2002-10-17 Miscellaneous Setup Authoring Tools page updated
2002-10-11 Modify Setup.ini Inside Setup.exe or Update.exe
2002-10-11 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISDev 7
2002-10-05 Windows Installer WebCasts updated
2002-10-05 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISPro 7
2002-10-05 Bugs Bulletin updated for ISDev 7


False Spyware Alert for InstallShield Software

It is reported that PestPatrol, a security and personal privacy tool that claims to detect trojans, spyware, adware and hacker tools, recently detected Kazaa Spyware in InstallSheld PackageForTheWeb 4 (PFTW). This is a "false positive", and other tools like Ad-Aware or SpyBot do not report any problems with PFTW. InstallShield has worked with PestPatrol to resolve this issue, and PestPatrol has released a fix which is available from

Windows Installer Book for System Administrators

"Administrator's Introduction to Application Repackaging and Software Deployment using Windows Installer" is now available. Written by Bob Baker, author of two other Windows Installer books, and Robert Dickau, author of several InstallShield training materials, this book is a reference for Administators migrating to the Windows Installer service. It provides an in-depth review of the standard features and often-missed secrets for creating MSI packages. Baker and Dickau guide through the intricacies of the Windows Installer service and the complete suite of complementary tools that come with InstallShield AdminStudio.

Microsoft Chat: Windows Installer Patches and Upgrades

Phew! The first version of your product is finally out the door. Now what do you need to do to prepare for future updates? In the January Windows Installer chat, experts from the MSI team at Microsoft will start the new year by answering your questions about patching and upgrades. Join the fifth chat in the Windows Installer series to discuss the differences between the three types of MSI updates, when each type is appropriate, best practices when creating patches, tips for working with PCP files, the new patch capabilities in MSI 2.0, and more. Questions from chat attendees are always welcome.
Date: January 8, 2003
Time: 19:00 GMT = 11:00am Pacific Time = 2:00pm Eastern Time

Microsoft WebCast: Deploying .NET Applications

"Deploying Windows Forms Applications using Visual Basic.NET" is part IV of a four part series focused on moving VB applications to VB.NET. This session covers changes to deployment. The Windows Installer and No-Touch deployment are the key focus.
Date: December 6, 2002
Time: 19:00 GMT = 11:00am Pacific Time = 2:00pm Eastern Time

InstallShield Express 4 Released

InstallShield has added power to their entry level setup authoring tool. InstallShield Express 4.0 now comes with the capability to create binary patches, support for IIS web services, system search functionality, additional options for installation conditions, path variables for source files, and additional runtime languages (Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese). Like its "big brother" InstallShield Developer 8, Express 4 can be fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET, enabling it to be run in that environment or with the traditional Express IDE.
Another benefit of the Visual Studio integration is a bundle offer of Express 4 with Visual Studio .NET (Professional, Enterprise Developer or Enterprise Architect levels) at extraordinary low prices.

Patch Tool for InstallShield Professional 7

vBuild for InstallShield Professional is a new product jointly developed by Red Bend, a company specializing in update and compression technology, and InstallShield. vBuild automatically transforms installation packages created with InstallShield Professional 7.0 into upgrade installations for previous versions and significantly reduces the update size. vBuild will also reduce your full version setups, using compression that is more powerful than ZIP or CAB. Using vBuild, there is no need to create a separate update setup for each previous version as is necessary with the Update Authoring option of the InstallShield Professional 7.0.

Developer 7 Hotfix fixed

InstallShield has released a hot fix for InstallShield Developer. It is recommended for all versions including 7.04. The hotfix addresses three issues: Standard setups occassionally fail to run on Windows NT4 SP6 target systems (IDriver crash), Standard setups are not registered properly when installed by non-administrators (fix only applied to Developer 7.0 with SP3 or greater), and Basic MSI setups using InstallScript sometimes hang during setup progress on Windows 9x target systems. Existing setups should be rebuilt after the hotfix is applied to the development system.
On October 23, 2002 a fixed hotfix has been released, and the isscript.msi on has been updated. Previously there have been some problems with the first release of the hotfix:
If you select to use version 1.2 of the Windows Installer runtime instead of version 2.0 it causes the setup progress bar to stay at 0% while the installation completes successfully.
If you select to download the InstallScript engine from an error message will be displayed at runtime because the engine on that server hasen't been updated with the hotfix.
To receive the update select Check for Updates from the Tools menu.

InstallShield Developer 8 Available

The new version of InstallShield Developer is now available. New features in Developer 8 include:

InstallShield guarantees that your Developer 7 or InstallShield for Windows Installer project will seamlessly migrate. And if it doesn't, they offer to fix it at no cost.
For a limited time you can get a refund of 200 EUR/200 USD if you buy Developer 8 (either full product or upgrade).

Free Value Pack for AdminStudio 3.5

InstallShield Developer is integrated in InstallShield AdminStudio as authoring component. Owners of AdminStudio 3.5 (which comes with Developer version 7.04 built in) can download Developer 8 in form of a value pack free of charge. For details see InstallShield's knowledge base article Q107239.

Rebate Offers Expire December 31

Time is running out on several special deals on InstallShield software:

InstallShield Training in Europe

(courses in Germany see below)

InstallShield Developer (English, French)

Dec 10 - Dec 13, 2002 in Bristol, United Kingdom
Jan 14 - Jan 17, 2003 in Bristol, United Kingdom
Jan 14 - Jan 17, 2003 in Naarden, The Netherlands
Feb 11 - Feb 14, 2003 in Paris, France

InstallShield Professional (English, French)

Jan 21 - Jan 24, 2002 in Bristol, United Kingdom
Additional dates to be announced - please contact

For details about these courses and booking information go to


InstallShield Developer 8 in Deutsch verfügbar

Die neue Version von InstallShield Developer 8 ist jetzt auch in Deutsch verfügbar. Einige der neuen Funktionen in Developer 8:

InstallShield garantiert eine problemlose Umstellung von Projekten, die mit Developer 7 oder InstallShield for Windows Installer erstellt wurden. Und falls es Probleme gibt, bietet InstallShield an, sie kostenlos zu beheben.
Für begrenzte Zeit können Käufer von Developer 8 (Vollprodukt oder Upgrade) eine Rückerstattung von 200 € erhalten.
Wichtig: Falls Sie eine Testversion von Developer 8 installiert haben, müssen Sie diese erst entfernen, bevor Sie die Vollversion installieren.

Deutsches Windows Installer Buch im Januar

Die deutsche Ausgabe des Buches "Getting Started with InstallShield Developer and Windows Installer Setups" von Bob Baker verzögert sich und soll nun im Januar erscheinen. Aktuelle Informationen finden Sie unter oder schreiben Sie an

Sonderaktionen enden am 31. Dezember

Folgende Aktionsangebote für InstallShield Software gelten nur noch bis für kurze Zeit:

InstallShield Schulungstermine in Deutschland

InstallShield Developer (deutsch)

17.-20.12.2002 in München
21.-24.01.2003 in München
18.-21.03.2003 in Hamburg

Schulungskurse zu InstallShield Professional und InstallShield AdminStudio sind in Vorbereitung - bitte anfragen unter

Informationen zu Terminen, verfügbaren Plätzen, Gruppenrabatten, Schulungsunterlagen und Buchungsmöglichkeit finden Sie unter

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